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The Paul Rapoport Foundation is now in the process of closing its doors after 27 years of work.

"After We Say Goodbye"
Smart Assets,
Philanthropy New York Blog

In 2009, Anita Nager, the former Executive Director of the Beldon Fund, began a discussion on Philanthropy New York's blog regarding "spend out" versus "in perpetuity." At that time the Paul Rapoport Foundation had already made the decision to follow Beldon down the spend-out path and disburse our assets in five years...

Read Jane Schwartz's blog post.

New York Times Features PRF in Spend-Down Article, "As Foundations Close, Anxiety for Charities"

The Paul Rapoport Foundation acknowledges the problem. "There are not too many people to pick up the slack in giving to LGBTQ communities of color..."

Read the article in the New York Times.